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Poly Maleic Acid

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Poly Maleic Acid

We manufacture Poly Maleic Acid through solvent route (HPMA) as well as aqueous route (PMA). It is used as scale inhibitor in boiler water. Combined with phosphonates, it can be widely used in cooling water systems, oilfield injection systems, sea water evaporators, sugar mill evaporator systems, reverse osmosis systems, etc. Our PMA are specially designed to control the scales of polymeric silica specially in the process of desalination.

Perfomance benefits
  • Controls CaCo3, CaSo4 scaling under aggressive conditions.Effective for silica control
  • Phosphorous free.Stable at all pH
  • Easy to formulate
  • Scale inhibition of Polymeric Silica
  • Economically effective to the imported PMA

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