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Maleic Multipolymer

Maleic Multipolymer


This polymer is a low molecular weight maleic multipolymer and work as very good scale inhibitors and dispersant for variety of scales like calcium carbonate, calcium sulphates & oxalte etc. this polymer can be used to replace phosphonates like HEDP and maleic acid homopolymers as scale control agent

  This polymer can be majorly used as dispersing agent and scale inhibitors in water based systems like cooling circuits & boilers. It shows much improved performance in calcium base scale inhibition compared to conventional acrylic homopolymer, maleic homopolymer and HEDP due to its selective combination of monomers.


  Tanker Load, 1250 kg IBC & 250 kg barrel

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Pale yellow to light brown

Total Solid (%)

39 – 41

Avg. Mol. Wt. (Aprx.)


Sp. Gravity

1.2 – 1.3


6 to 8

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