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Ceramic & Tiles
  • Superior dispersion of solids at very high temperature
  • Viscosity reduction even at very high solid contents
  • Take care of problems arising due to water hardness & other ions

Detergents & cleaners
  • Soil antiredeposition
  • Fabrics whiteness maintenance (anti incrustation)
  • Clay soil dispersion
  • Dye transfer inhibition
  • Binding & moisture retention
  • Processing aid in spray drying

Paints & Pigments
  • Dispersion of pigments
  • Viscosity reduction even at high solid levels
  • Prevents cake formation in paints
  • Improves thermal stability of dispersion

Paper & Pulp
  • Primary dispersant for pigment slurries & other coating materials
  • Prevents scale formation of ca++ & mg++ salts
  • Antiredeposition aid in de-inking process
  • Effective calcium carbonate dispersant
  • Viscosity modification / control in pulp

Textile processing
  • Prevents deposition of scales of ca & mg salts on fabric & equipments
  • Effective dispersing & antiredeposition aid for scouring & de-sizing chemicals
  • Minimizes problems like poor touch, uneven dying & chafe marks
  • Minimizes inside out shade variation caused due to water hardness
  • Improves solubility & compatibility of various chemicals

Construction Chemicals
  • Provides highly flow able & highly durable concrete
  • Reduces water level to a great extent
  • Provides high strength & self compact concrete
  • Eases pumping of high strength concrete

Water treatment
  • Inhibits scale formation of calcium, magnesium, silica and phosphates
  • Not required in stoichiometric quantities
  • Stable at wide range of temperature, at different pH range and also in the presence of oxidizing agents like chlorine
  • Provides superior inhibition in stressed conditions like high temperature, pressure and high hardness
  • Gives excellent biodegradability

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