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Dispersing Agents

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Dispersing Agents

Through our extensive trials & R & D efforts we have developed the RESISPERS range of next generation polymeric dispersants. The RESISPERS range Dispersing Agents are based on advanced polymer chemistry which outperforms the traditional dispersing agents. The RESISPERS dispersing agents are designed & custom synthesized to meet the exact requirements of dispersing application & providing your dispersion a winning age.

Performance benefits of RESISPERS range of dispersing agents
  • Provides a stable dispersion at wide range of ph & tem
  • Suitable for both organic & inorganic pigments
  • Require in minimum dosage to give cost effectiveness

  • Used as dispersing agent for water-based paints and pigment systems
  • Viscosity reducer for pigment slurries
  • Works as effective dispersing & anti-redisposition agents in detergents formulation
  • Can be used in various textile applications as dye dispersing agent & anti-backstaining agents
  • Effectively used in paper industry in calcium carbonate dispersing & deinking application

We provide customize dispersing agents according to your pigment systems.

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