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Concrete Admixture

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Concrete Admixture

Our newly developed RESIPLAST range of polymers are versatile and high-performance admixtures based on polycarboxylate ether for hyperplasticized concrete. The can be used effectively for high performance, self compacting and high strength concrete. 

RESIPLAST range of admixtures provides answers to some of the tedious issues related to the manufacturing & using concrete providing new opportunities to the construction industry with innovative solutions.

Performance benefits
  • Provides high fluidity to the concrete at low water levels
  • Retain the slump for longer time
  • Provides high strength & workability to the concrete by remarkable water reducing
  • Reduces shrinkage & creep
  • Compatible with all type of cements

  • Can be used in low water content concrete
  • Used in ready mix concrete for fast mixing during transportation
  • Used for concrete where high elasticity & strength is required
  • Used for enhancing the durability of concrete by delaying hydration
  • Used for pumpable concrete
  • Used for hot weather concrete

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