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Carboxylate Polymers For Textile

Carboxylate Polymers For Textile


This polymer is a multifunctional Carboxylate based dispersants consisting two types of monomer functionalities, strongly anioning sulphonated group and weakly anionic carboxylate group. Due to which the polymer shows very good complexing and chelation properties towards calcium, magnesium and other heavy metal ions which tends to interfered in textile processed like scouring, desizing, dying etc. due to its low mol. Wt. and narrow distribution the polymer is shown very good stability in hard water.


This polymer can be used in various textile formulations for different key functions. The polymer improves the performance of scouring and desizing formulations the through its antiredeposition effects. Its works as a dying aid and dye dispersants throght its dispersing properties and prevents hardness ions (Ca++, Mg++) interference to its sequestration and inhibition properties. This polymer can be used in peroxide stabilization and for improvement of bleaching performance as the product complexes the iron in bleaching process.


Tanker Load, 1250 kg IBC & 250 kg barrel

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Colorless to pale yellow, clear liquid

Total Solid (%)

44 – 46

Avg. Mol. Wt. (Aprx.)


Sp. Gravity

1.3 – 1.4


7 to 8

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