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AA- MA Co Polymers For Detergent

AA- MA Co Polymers For Detergent


These copolymers are having around 50000 to 70000 mol. Wt. shows distinct performance enhancement in washing and cleaning formulations. They improve cleaning through their strong dispersing and soil anti redeposition property. Being synthesized with selected polymerization additives are very much compatible with other detergent w\raw material particular in liquid. They serves as a important builder in new age detergent and cleaning formulations and also provides eco friendly replacement to STPP.

AA/MA copolymers are can be used as detergent additives, detergency improver and alternate to phosphate like STPP in all grades of domestic and industrial fabric care powder detergent, suitable for fabric care formulations in liquid, pods and tablets, detergent cake etc. Apart from fabric cleaners also can be used in surface cleaning formulations. 


Tanker Load, 1250 kg IBC & 250 kg barrel

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Pale yellow to light brown, clear liquid

Coloreless to pale yellow, clear liquid

Total Solid (%)

39 – 41

39 – 41

Avg. Mol. Wt. (Aprx.)



Sp. Gravity

1.22 – 1.32

1.25 – 1.35


7 to 9

7 to 9

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