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Our product line includes carboxylate polymers particularly low mol. Wt. variety of monomers majorly acrylates like acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, maleic anhydride, acrylamide etc are used to synthesize these polymers. Apart from these some of the specialty monomers like AMPS, TBA, polyethylene glycol acrylates etc. are also used in the manufacturing process. Our polymers are used to deliver key performance in various industrial applications like scale inhibition in water treatment industry (cooling towers and RO’s), disaggregating and grinding aid in ceramic industry, dispersing and chelating agent in textile industry, soil anti redeposition aid and performance improver in detergent and cleaners, deflocculating agent in paint and pigment slurries, anti scalant  and dispersants in paper, antiscalant and mud drilling aid in oil field, scale inhibitors in sugar evaporators. Read more...


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